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Dad Gets Hearing Aid Tattoo to Inspire Deaf Son

dad with hearing aid tattoo

A failed newborn hearing screening and the desire to ensure his son grows up feeling confident were the only factors Robbie needed when deciding to get a hearing aid tattoo. 

His wife, @stephy_rene, shared her family’s story with us on Instagram

When Major was born he failed the newborn hearing screening twice, so the doctor told us to come back when he was a month old (as it is common and can be due to liquid in the ears.) That first month went by in a blink of the eye,” she says.

“When we had the newborn hearing screening again, he got the same results. We were then referred to an audiologist.  At four months, after months and long sessions of ABR testing, major was diagnosed with Bilateral Hearing Loss.

“The doctor stated he would have to wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. Of course, like any parents, we were worried that our son would have to grow up in this judgmental world, and worried about how cruel kids could be in today’s society.

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“My husband refused to let Major feel alone or different, so he got his hearing aids tattooed! I could never thank him enough for doing such a thing for our family. Now our son will grow up seeing his biggest idol wearing hearing aids, just as him.”

“My husband refused to let Major feel alone or different, so he got his hearing aids tattooed!”

Approximately 3 of every 1,000 children in the US are born with a detectable hearing loss, according to the National Department of Health and Human Services, and more than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents. 

Parents play a large role in helping children gain self-esteem though helping them feel capable, effective and accepted, according to The Nemours Foundation.

Talking about and teaching children to be confident with their hearing technology can help them build this self-esteem. 

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In 2015, another dad went viral after sharing a photo of his cochlear implant tattoo, inspired by his daughter. Many other parents are showing off their children’s hearing aids (#coolhearingaids)  and sharing stories of their successes with their community and on social media.


Would you get a tattoo of hearing aids, cochlear implants or other signs of deaf culture? You can see more hearing aid tattoos on Phonak’s Pinterest board.

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