December 1, 2017

Watch: What you should know about hearing aids

Do you know how hearing aids work? Phonak hEARo and YouTuber Jessica Flores explains what you should know about hearing aids.
November 28, 2017
hearing loss isolation

I felt isolated with hearing loss, until I did this

November 23, 2017
children's hearing loss

Why I am grateful for my children’s hearing loss

November 13, 2017
What's it like to wear hearing aids at school?

Watch: What’s it like to wear hearing aids at school?

What's it like to wear hearing aids at school? Skye is giving viewers an inside look of what it's like to wear hearing aids in the classroom. 
November 2, 2017
cool hearing aids

NEWSFLASH: Hearing aids ARE cool!

It's time people start complimenting how awesome hearing aids are, not commenting under their breath about their discreetness. We want people to stop thinking that hearing aids are uncool. Because they aren't. Hearing aids are cool!
November 1, 2017

Why I love being part of a hearing loss community

October 19, 2017
Luke Christian

Meet Luke Christian, deaf lifestyle blogger in the UK

October 16, 2017

10-year-old girl starts YouTube channel about her hearing loss

October 13, 2017
children's hearing aids

“What’s in your ears?”: How we answer questions about our children’s hearing aids

October 10, 2017
How to decorate hearing aids

How to decorate hearing aids like Jessica Flores

October 5, 2017

What it’s like to be on the road with the Here to Hear Tour

September 27, 2017
best technology for hearing loss

Why I was born at the perfect time to have a hearing loss

September 7, 2017
advocate for your hearing loss

New to hearing loss? 3 ways to be an advocate for your hearing loss journey

September 1, 2017
here to hear comedy tour DJ Demers

Deaf comedian’s epic road trip to break down hearing loss stigmas

D.J. Demers is ready to break down stigmas around hearing loss through the power of laughter. The Here to Hear Tour begins in October
August 28, 2017
Do i have hearing loss?

My Hearing Loss Journey: From realisation, diagnosis and beyond

August 17, 2017
unwrapping your passions deaf author book self-help book

Book by deaf author teaches us to live with passion

What is the key of a happy life? Living it passionately, says Karen Putz, author of a new book on the topic.
July 14, 2017
deaf comedian on Conan

D.J. Demers ‘The hearing aid guy’ is back on Conan

July 10, 2017
support for people with hearing loss

These are the people who really allowed me to ‘hear’

July 3, 2017

Thanking the people in my hearing journey

June 30, 2017

This is how to talk to people newly diagnosed with hearing loss 

Are you new to having hearing loss, or know someone who was recently diagnosed with hearing loss? These communication tips will help!