How depression and hearing loss are connected

depression and hearing loss

Depression is a heavy topic to deal with. It’s one that’s pretty personal as I’ve been there myself, but it is important to recognize how depression can affect people with hearing loss.
Depression is incredibly hard to discuss, given the nature of the “black dog”. The “black dog” is a beautifully apt metaphor attributed to Winston Churchill. It always makes me imagine something like the Grim from Harry Potter. It is lurking in the shadows on the periphery of your vision, so you know it’s there and constantly worry about it, but every time you turn to look, it slinks away just out of sight.

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Researchers find a drug combination that could regenerate ear hair cells

regenerate ear hair cells

Researchers in American wondered why certain creatures have the natural ability to regenerate parts which have ceased to function. Lizards can grow lost limbs and even sharks grow brand new teeth sets. However, when it comes to humans, nothing like this appears to happen.
As things turned out, we as humans do possess an ability to regenerate cells in our intestines. A similarity between these cells in the intestine and cells found in the cochlea led researchers working at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear to discover that a cocktail of drugs injected into this area can cause hair regrowth, something previously assumed impossible.

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The Who’s Roger Daltrey admits he’s deaf, encourages fans to wear earplugs at gigs

Roger Daltrey deaf

Legendary singer Roger Daltrey, from British rock band ‘The Who’ has confessed that decades of loud music has left him with a hearing loss.
According to The Mirror, Daltrey spoke out to the crowd at a solo show at the Hard Rock Resort in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, first revealing his is deaf and then offering advice to his fans. “The trouble with these ear things that I wear is that I am very, very deaf,” Daltrey said. “And I advise you all – all you rock-and-roll fans – take your f***ing earplugs to the gigs. If only we had known when we were young … we are lip-reading.”

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How children with hearing loss can hear 5,300 more words every day

roger pen

Did you know that children need to hear approximately 45 million words by age four to be ready for school? In fact, research shows that the more words child hear allow them to not only be better prepared for school but also enable them to have bigger vocabularies and be stronger readers.
Reaching these language targets can be challenging for children with hearing loss. However, new research has found that using microphone systems along with hearing aids or cochlear implants can help. Here’s how: 

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Is Oscar winner ‘The Shape of Water’ spreading deaf awareness?

Oscar winner

At the recent 90th Academy Awards, two films addressing deaf-related issues were rewarded with Oscars. The result of their wins has led to an increase in deaf awareness, including the freedom of choice a deaf person has when choosing their method(s) of communication.
“The Silent Child” and “The Shape of Water” both surprised many with their achievements. The two films couldn’t be any more different, but what they do have in common is the use of sign language in both films.

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5 things that can make tinnitus worse

things that can make tinnitus worse

Tinnitus is often described as whistling, buzzing or ringing in the ears. For people who suffer from extremely loud tinnitus, it can be difficult to hear speech above the noise of the tinnitus, making it hard to follow conversations. It is important to be aware of what causes tinnitus and what can make it worse.

Here are five things that are known to make tinnitus worse and our top tips for dealing with them.

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Why this year’s Oscars was important for deaf culture


This year’s Academy Awards was a big win for deaf culture. Not one, but two winning films featured important themes for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, as well as deaf diversity in Hollywood. 
The films “The Silent Child,” and “The Shape of Water,” which won an Oscar for best Live Action Short Film and Best Picture respectively, showcased deaf actors and sign language. The reactions for these films have been overwhelming, and potentially show a big change to come. 

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This British actress isn’t afraid to flaunt her hearing aids

celebrity with hearing loss

An 82-year-old British actress is opening up about her hearing loss, and proving she isn’t afraid to flaunt her “Earing Aids.” 

Amanda Barrie, who acted in the series Coronation Street, told the Daily Mail about her hearing loss, and getting fit with hearing aids after struggling to follow conversations with coworkers and friends. When she felt like background noise was drowning out their voices, she says she slowly came to realize, “maybe it’s not the restaurant, maybe it’s me.”

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Travel Tips from Blogger ‘Deafinitely Wanderlust’

Becoming deaf at the age of two hasn’t stood in the way of Stacey Valle’s dreams of traveling the world and reporting her experiences through her blog ‘Deafinitely Wanderlust’.

After backpacking and meeting D/deaf people around the world, Stacey noticed that there were many who were interested in traveling, but faced challenges and lacked accessibility, just as she has. This sparked inspiration to start her blog Deafinitely Wanderlust

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