Ask Anna: What is the best hearing aid accessory for me?

the best hearing aid accessory

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.  Dear Anna: What is the difference between all the wireless accessories available for hearing aids? I’ve heard about the Phonak Roger Pen, Com Pilot and others, but how do I know what is the best hearing aid accessory overall? – Sharon in Alberta, CA.

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What You Should Know About Concentration Fatigue

concentration fatigue in deaf, hard of hearing children

Concentration fatigue… it’s a topic that’s not really talked about within the deaf community and I’d like to raise awareness of it. Concentration fatigue for people with hearing loss, can also be seen as tiredness. It’s caused by heavy amounts of concentration required during normal day-to-day activities. It usually kicks in when deaf people have […]

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Ask Anna: Should I remove my hearing aid batteries over night?

hearing aid batteries

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.  Dear Anna, I read that batteries should be removed from hearing aids at night. I have been leaving them in with the door open and placing the hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight. Should I be taking the batteries out? Should the batteries be […]

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Why I Decided to Stop Hiding My Hearing Aids

Hiding My Hearing Aids No More

The shame. Growing up hard of hearing was not a comfortable experience for me. I received my first hearing aid at the age of nine. I hid it every chance I could get. I was painfully aware that I was different, and the contraption sitting on my ear was a constant reminder that I stood […]

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