After apology, Chris Pratt has a lesson for Instagram

chris pratt instagram captions

American actor Chris Pratt posted an Instagram video on Thursday, advocating for closed captions to be an option for all Instagram videos. The video was a part of an apology post to those he offended when he posted a previous video asking his followers to turn up the volume and not just read the subtitles.

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What happened when I went to my first audiology appointment alone

Over the last 20 years of my life, audiology appointments have become a regular commitment in my life, due to my profound hearing loss. Up until I turned 18, I was in the children’s Audiology department, and for each routine appointment and check-up I would visit my audiologist with my parents. Now that I’m older, I’m […]

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Dad Gets Hearing Aid Tattoo to Inspire Deaf Son

dad with hearing aid tattoo

A failed newborn hearing screening and the desire to ensure his son grows up feeling confident were the only factors Robbie needed when deciding to get a hearing aid tattoo.  His wife, @stephy_rene, shared her family’s story with us on Instagram. 

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