7 GIFs that perfectly explain traveling with hearing loss

traveling with hearing loss

It’s that time of year again, the time for holiday travel. 

An expected 28.5 million people will travel on airlines in the U.S. during the 12-day Thanksgiving air-travel period. 

As a profoundly deaf person, I’ve had my fair share of travel experiences. Here are seven situations I have found myself in perfectly summed up by GIFs!

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Why you should take a relative to your audiology appointment

taking a relative to your audiology appointment

Taking a relative with you to an audiology appointment may result in unexpected benefits to you, your family, and even to your audiologist.

Our hearing loss impacts on our whole family and yet, many of us go to our audiology appointments alone. However, some hearing care professionals are now encouraging family members to come along to appointments. This approach is known as ‘family-centered care’.

I’ve involved my husband in my audiologist appointments in the past and have found it very useful. 

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How body language helps you communicate

learn body language

Since discovering my hearing loss, I’ve noticed how I am more aware of body language and how it helps me communicate. 

Body Language is a great form of communication because it is universal and doesn’t rely on verbal communication. It can also help you gain insight into what another person is thinking, before they even open their mouth to speak.

As someone with hearing loss, I’ve been able to communicate better by understanding how to read body language. Here are a few examples of common body language expressions and what they may mean: 

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4 tips for driving with hearing loss

driving with hearing loss

There’s a myth that deaf people can’t drive… I’m not sure why people think that.  I would say that we definitely CAN drive and drive very well.

Driving can be be more challenging with a hearing loss, as it requires more visual concentration, but there are some techniques that make it easier. 

Here are four common scenarios and tips that I’ve found make it easier to drive with hearing loss:

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Hearing loss can be stressful. Here’s how to manage it

stress and hearing loss

Learning to manage your stress levels can extend your lifespan and directly impact the relationships around you at home and in the workplace.

Being a person with hearing loss adds a large number of stress causing issues and problems. Whether it’s communication issues, fear of preforming tasks without your hearing aids, or embarrassment over your hearing loss, there are ways to cope.

Here are some ways to reduce the problems of living with hearing loss and reduce the stress.

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How to choose a deaf-friendly bank

accessibility in banks

When you are deaf, deciding on a bank is more than what financial services the bank has to offer. It is also about accessibility. 

It’s not always easy to know which bank will meet our individual needs, especially in regards to customer services and communication methods.

When looking into services for deaf people on bank’s websites, accessibility isn’t always easy to spot. Here are some tips for finding a deaf-friendly bank:

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How to handle communication in water sports when the hearing devices come off

communication in sports

If you are an avid water sports person, you may find it challenging to communicate in a group setting when your hearing aids or cochlear implants are stored away in a case. 

As a barefoot water skier, I often find myself in situations where my hearing aids are riding in the boat cup holder and I can’t hear a thing when I’m out on the water. While many of today’s hearing devices are water resistant and even waterproof–there’s no practical way to keep hearing aids on at 42 mph. (Besides–the roar of the motor makes everyone deaf, anyway–advantage, me!) 

Read more: Navigating 50 States as a Deaf Barefoot Water Skier

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This NFL executive is talking about hearing loss to break down stigmas

deaf nfl

Vice President of the Chicago Bears is speaking out about his hearing loss, in hopes of inspiring others to address their hearing troubles and reduce the stigmas around hearing aids. 

Brian McCaskey, who lost his hearing due to complications from Meniere’s Disease, told the Chicago Tribune of his struggle with hearing loss, and how technology “saved him.”

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Watch: What’s it like to wear hearing aids at school?

What's it like to wear hearing aids at school?

What is it like to wear hearing aids in Elementary school? 

Ten-year-old YouTuber Skye is giving viewers an inside look of what it’s like to wear hearing aids and use hearing aid accessories in the classroom. 

How does her teacher use the radio aids? What do her friends think about her hearing aid technology? Watch their reactions in her latest vlog!

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