Why I’m petitioning for more subtitled movies in cinemas

petition for subtitled movies

I’ve gone through 20 years of my life and only seen about 15 subtitled movies in the cinema.

During my childhood, teenage years and even now, I have missed out on many social outings with family and friends to the cinema. It’s really isolating and upsetting that we don’t have the freedom and ability to go when we want, like hearing people do.

So, I’ve decided to finally do something about it. 

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Hearing Tech Talk: What is a hearing aid?

hearing loss podcast

Hearing Like Me’s podcast “Hearing Tech Talk” is your guide to the technology that is driving education, building connections and inspiring advocacy, to allow people with hearing loss live fuller lives. 

What is a hearing aid? What is a PSAP? What is a “hearable”?

These are some of the questions that Hearing  Like Me editor, Jill von Büren, and Phonak audiologist Mike Waloszek tackle in the first-ever Hearing Tech Talk podcast. 

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3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency as a Deaf Person

3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency as a Deaf Person

Have you ever wondered as a deaf person, what would happen if you or someone you know had an accident and the Emergency Services were needed? How would you get in touch with them, how would you communicate with them?

As someone with profound hearing loss, I like to be prepared for any scenario and in this case.

Back in October, my Mum had a nasty accident which I witnessed at the time. I was prepared for some communication issues with the emergency services, but others caught me off guard. 

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Easily learn sign language by studying these GIFS

Easily learn sign language by studying these GIFS

Forget emoji. GIFs are the latest communication trend, and now one of the easiest ways to communicate and learn sign language. 

Giphy, a platform that hosts the world’s largest library of animated GIFs, just released a massive collection of sign language GIFs. Acted by sign language expert Robert DeMayo, users can search, share and learn more than 2,000 words in American Sign Language. 

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Ask Anna: Do new hearing aids whistle?

Do new hearing aids whistle?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna,

Sometimes when I cup my hand over my hearing aids I hear a whistling sound. Is this supposed to happen? It doesn’t bother me when I’m wearing them, but I wonder if other people also hear it. Why does a hearing aid squeal? Do new hearing aids whistle? – Susan in California

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Deaf gamers overcome odds in World of Warcraft

Usually, people use voice chat to communicate strategies  and comments when online gaming, but recently, a group of deaf players worked together to take down one of the hardest bosses in the popular game World of Warcraft.

Joseph Antle, one of the players, mentioned how isolated he felt when playing World of Warcraft. That was until he and his team unified by typing to each other, proving hearing isn’t necessary to make a strong team and win the game. 

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How People with Hearing Loss can get Disability Benefits

Filing a Disability Benefits Claim Form for Deafness

Government disability benefits are designed to help support and provide you with things in life that you need because of your disability. As someone with hearing loss, this also applies to me. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to fill in a form to apply for a new form of disability benefits called ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP), which is a form for UK residents. 

As I’ve gone through this important process, I’ve discovered a few tips worth sharing. 

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