Celebrating the diversity of deafness


What does it mean to be Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing?

Whether you are heavily involved in the Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing community, just learning about it, or somewhere in between, we would like to celebrate the diversity of deafness with you. We hope that this will clear up some confusion and inspire you to work with us on a goal of breaking down stigmas and spreading deaf awareness.

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Is it okay to speak for my deaf or hard of hearing friend?

self advocacy for deaf and hard of hearing people

Living deaf in a hearing world means that we might miss a hearing person talking to us from a distance or not understand what someone is saying. Hearing friends might try to step in to let others know that I am deaf. When does it cross the line?

I recently moved to a new town with a close friend I made over the summer. We both worked for the same company and chose Washington state as our next place to live and snowboard. When we first arrived in our new town, we ran errands, hiked and spent ample time together. Relocating to a friendly town meant lots of small talk and interactions with random strangers.

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4 Tips for cooking with hearing loss

cooking with hearing loss

The sizzling of bacon, the bubbling pops of water boiling, the splash of oil on a hot pan. 
You may not realize it, but there are a lot of sounds that go with the smells of a kitchen. Those sounds can tell you a lot about food, such as when it’s time to turn down the heat on the stove or add a new ingredient to the dish. For someone with hearing loss, cooking can be a challenge. But I’ve learned some ways to cope without hearing in the kitchen.  Here are four tips for cooking in the kitchen with hearing loss:

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Can hearing loss make you less empathic?

Can hearing loss make you less empathic?

When we think of using our hearing aids, we tend to think of clarity, loudness and sensitivity.

We home in on hearing the words spoken to us clearly, so that we can respond in kind.

However, a recent study reports on an important question for those who experience hearing loss: is it enough just to hear words, or do we need to also understand the emotional intent behind them?

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Nyle DiMarco’s twin brother, Nico, proves Deaf can DJ

how to dj with hearing loss

You’ve probably heard of Nyle DiMarco, the Deaf male model and winner of America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, but what’s even more awesome is that he has a twin brother, Nico DiMarco, who is a music lover and successful DJ. 

Can deaf people enjoy music?

It’s a common question and misconception that people with hearing loss can’t fully enjoy music, but Nico DiMaro, who has severe to profound hearing loss and communicates with sign language, says undoubtedly, “yes!” and he’s even turned his passion into a career. 

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Never Mind: How to Handle Communication in Groups

Tips for Group Conversations with Hearing Loss

When I was growing up hard of hearing, I dreaded group conversations. I could handle things pretty well in elementary school, but when it came to middle school and high school, communicating in group situations became a nightmare. 

It’s like being at a ping pong tournament. 

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Jerrica Patton, a musician with hearing loss chasing dreams in NYC

musician with hearing loss

At age 17, Jerrica Patton set out to achieve her dreams of being a model and a musician. She was confident in her vision, but there was a thought in the back of her mind. Would her hearing loss stand in the way of her dreams?  She quickly proved that no of course they would not.

Now, Jerrica Patton is conquering New York City as a musician with hearing loss.

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Could a robot help deaf children communicate in the near future?

helping deaf children communicate

Communication is necessary for children to develop speech and language. Engaging infants in daily conversation, such as reading, talking, singing and signing are great tools to use to help stimulate infant’s brains. 

However, as most parents know, having the time to provide that kind of stimulating conversation with an infant isn’t easy. Add a child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and the need for such interaction becomes even more important“Parents play a critical role in a child’s language development. Studies have shown that children who are read to and spoken to a great deal during early childhood will have larger vocabularies, and better grammar than those who aren’t.” According to Colleen Davis Gardephe from But, what happens when parents can not provide the stimulation children need?

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    Eric Clapton becomes latest musician to admit he’s going deaf

    eric clapton deaf hearing loss

    Guitar legend Eric Clapton is the latest musician to admit he’s losing his hearing, after years of being exposed to loud music.

    The 72-year-old, who is most famous for his hits “Wonderful Tonight” and “Tears in Heaven,” told the BBC that he is struggling to hear the strums of his guitar because of his noise-induced hearing loss.

    “I am going deaf, I’ve got tinnitus, my hands just about work,” Clapton told BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday, ahead of a scheduled show in London this summer. 

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