Phonak hEARo Kaylin Yost wins gold at 2017 Deaflympics

kaylin yost phonak hearo deaflympics 2017

Kaylin Yost, an American golfer and Phonak hEARo, has won the gold medal for golf at the 2017 Deaflympics.

The 25-year-old won the final round by one point, in a very close competition with Diksha Dagar of India at the 23rd Summer Deaflympics in Turkey on Wednesday. Kaylin’s winning point came at the 19th hole. It was a long day on the golf course for Kaylin. She was three down after the sixth hole, but made her comeback by winning holes seven, eight and nine. 

“The moment of having the putt drop in on the 19th hole was amazing. I was filled with happiness and relief after such a neck-to-neck match,” says Kaylin. “It was a great tough match.”

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4 awesome moments you can only hear in Australia

best sounds in Australia

Tourism Australia recently released a list the most awesome moments that can only be experienced in Australia, which makes us immediately want to go Down Under.

Featured on the list are beautiful locations and animals, but it got us thinking… how would these moments change if we couldn’t experience the sounds that go along with them?

We break down some of these awesome moments you can only have in Australia and the sounds that make them so amazing.

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Ask Anna: Can swimmer’s ear cause hearing loss?

swimmer's ear cause hearing loss

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.

Dear Anna,

During the summer months, my children are constantly in the pool. Every so often one of them will come back from the pool with swimmer’s ear. I am worried that if this happens too often it will affect their hearing. Can swimmer’s ear cause hearing loss?  – Concerned mother

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Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca encourages others to ‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’

Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca

Contracting meningitis at a young age and losing the ability to hear in both ears hasn’t stopped Chris Fonseca from defying all odds to achieve his passion of becoming a profoundly deaf dancer.

Chris wears a cochlear implant in one ear. He uses British Sign Language and speech to help him communicate. Chris is the only deaf person in his family. At the age of 12, his Aunty encouraged him to watch ‘Breakin’, a themed comedy featuring 1984 break dancing. Soon after, he spent hours in his bedroom teaching himself dance moves. He did this by watching visual dance movements on repeat.

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Short film ‘The Silent Child’ premieres in August to raise deaf awareness

The Silent Child is a short film based on a true story about a deaf child. It is written by Rachel Shenton (as seen on Switched at Birth) and was made through crowdfunding to raise deaf awareness.

After months of filming, editing, and crowdfunding, the time has finally come; the cast and crew of ‘The Silent Child’ production are preparing their new short film for premieres in Rhode Island and London.

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Why I love using Roger hearing technology in the summer

Phonak Roger accessories

My family loves the summertime and having Roger wireless microphone products to connect with hearing aids makes our summer experiences so much more memorable. 

Summer break is here and my children could not be more excited. Their long, hot days are filled with endless amounts of free play, creativity, and imaginative games. In just the past month, we have had swim lessons, Vacation Bible School, reading programs at the library, traveled to the NASA Space Station in Houston, and explored the mountains of North Carolina.

In each of these moments, my children are learning with hands-on experiences, expanding their vocabulary, and using their body in incredible ways.

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Golfer Kaylin Yost to compete in 2017 Deaflympics

kaylin yost phonak hearo deaflympics 2017

Phonak hEARo and professional golfer, Kaylin Yost, is one of two American golfers to represent Team USA at the 2017 Deaflympics Summer Games.

Kaylin is almost entirely deaf and her parents found out about her hearing loss when she was two years old. But Kaylin has overcome more than just her hearing loss. She also had two dislocated hips at birth. The doctors told Kaylin she would never be able to walk.

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5 Ways to Teach Children about Hearing Loss to Discourage Bullying 

Kids will be kids, and bullies sometimes exist. But how can you protect your children? Is there a way, as a parent, to deal with bullying of kids with hearing loss?

My two oldest sons were in the same preschool program. Each had their own class, but they interacted with a similar group of children. There was one boy in particular that picked on Ayden, who wears hearing aids. I had to watch him and be extra vigilant when he was around.

One day after school, many of the kids from class were playing tag at the park. The boys were running around a huge field. I began to notice the boy singling Ayden out. Suddenly, from afar, the boy headed straight toward Ayden.

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