Deaf twins start lifestyle blog ‘Being Her’

Being Her

Not only do deaf twins Hermon and Heroda always look stylish and confident, but they also stand as examples of embracing their hearing loss and living out their dreams through their lifestyle blog ‘Being Her’.

Born and raised in Eritrea, Africa, the Hermon and Heroda became deaf at age seven due to unknown causes. Although they have moderate hearing loss, they communicate using speech, British Sign Language and their Phonak hearing aids.

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A Tragic Turn To Music Success: Q&A with musician Sam Baker

musician with hearing loss

Sam Baker is an internationally recognized folk musician and recording artist from Texas who lost his hearing in a tragic, violent and wholly unexpected way:

While traveling by train to Machu Picchu in Peru in 1986, a bomb placed on a luggage rack above his head by the Shining Path guerrilla group exploded, killing seven passengers including three people who had been sitting with him. Baker was left with numerous injuries, including brain damage, a cut artery, and blown-in eardrums, leaving him deaf in on ear, limited hearing in the other and a persistent, intense case of tinnitus. His injuries required 17 reconstructive surgeries. The fingers of his left hand were left badly damaged, but over time he was able to grasp a guitar in his other hand and return to music.

Despite his history and challenges, Sam has gone on to music success, with his 2013 album “Say Grace,” being named one of the top 10 country music albums of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine

As a fellow musician with hearing loss, I am taken by Sam’s story, especially how he has rebuilt himself to make music again. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to him about his story: 

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Deaf singer Mandy Harvey gives an unforgettable performance on AGT finals

Deaf singer Mandy Harvey gave her final performance on America’s Got Talent on Tuesday. She sang a beautiful, original song called “This Time,” which is about how she got past the grieving of her hearing loss to find hope and a beautiful life full of music.

Before singing her original song, Harvey spoke about how hard it was for her to lose her hearing. Her worries ranged from the concern of never hearing her favorite songs again to never hearing her parents say, “I love you” again.

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How hearing aids helped me rediscover my love for music

how hearing aids can make music sound better

Music has always been a very important part of my life. When I lost my hearing, I lost a passion. Until I received my hearing aids…

As a child, I grew up in a house filled with music. Being born in the early 1960’s was the perfect time to experience the emerging styles of what would become much of the foundation for modern music.

I had my parents taste on one side, a blend of easy listening, Country and Irish pop, and my older brother’s ’60s and early ’70s chart hits. By the time I hit my teens, I was familiar with so much and was extremely eclectic in my tastes, regardless of style or musical genre.

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Deaf model’s cochlear implant photoshopped from ad

deaf model cochlear implant photoshop ad

We at proudly promote #DeafTalent – whether through the “Phonak hEARo” program, sharing stories of inspirational individuals or connecting with members of the community – when we learned about an incident involving a deaf model being misrepresented, we knew we had to talk about it in efforts to continue to break down stigmas around hearing loss. 

When former Miss Deaf South Africa posed for an advertisement for a local chain of health clubs she was excited about the prospects of seeing herself on billboards… until she saw the published ad.  

Model and dancer Simone Botha Welgemoed said the advert, which shows her in pose with her blonde hair pulled up in a tight bun, is missing one prominent and personal feature: her cochlear implant. 

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Why the Here To Hear Tour is so important to deaf teens

I love to learn. I graduated college in May 2016, and I will cherish the knowledge I gained from my university experience forever. But, the thought of being back in a college classroom makes me feel uncomfortable. Not for academic or workload reasons, but for factors that have to do with my hearing loss. 

Going to college is a huge transition. It is an even bigger transition for someone with hearing loss.

For me, college meant no more IEPs, no familiar teachers who checked up on me, and less involvement from my parents in my education. It also meant having to tell my professors about my hearing loss myself, and about the additional accommodations I needed. It even meant figuring out what those accommodations were.

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Everything you need to know about getting a hearing test

hearing test

If you or your child has experienced a hearing test, you may feel overwhelmed or confused about the results. There are many different types of hearing tests, which can provide various information about how your child hears and processes sound.

In order to get a comprehensive picture of your child’s hearing more than one test should be taken into consideration. But what test should be conducted?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your child’s hearing tested:

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Deaf singer Mandy Harvey has ‘something to say’ on AGT

deaf singer mandy harvey

Singer Mandy Harvey, who we’ve been following since her debut on America’s Got Talent, gave another stunning performance on the talent competition show Tuesday.   

The 29-year-old performed an original song, “Release Me,” on the last show before finals, again wowing judges who compared her to English singer-songwriter and 15 Grammy Award-winner, Adele.

“The vocal, the song, the delivery, the performance is about as good as I have seen on one of these shows,” said judge Simon Cowell. “It was breathtaking. It reminds me of the first time I saw Adele. I thought, ‘This girl is going to be a star.’”  

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4 tips for preparing your deaf child for the school year

preparing your deaf child for school

Feelings of excitement of the new school year are here, but covering the excitement is a blanket of nerves. 

I am sure most parents are celebrating the added hours of freedom that comes with their children going back to school.  But for Ayden, my son with hearing loss, my heart sinks as my anxiety gets the best of me. 

I feel it there – the joy of a few hours a day of a little less noise and a few more accomplished goals, but as a mother of children with special needs, the beginning of the school year has an added weight.

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