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November 6, 2015
An Invisible Injury: Hearing Loss among US Veterans
November 11, 2015

Batman gives super-power hearing to child fighting cancer

A little boy fighting cancer got a special surprise recently from his favorite superhero.

For the past year, six-year-old Riley Bucholz, from Illinois, has been battling brain cancer. He has gone through six rounds of chemotherapy, and as a result has lost much of his hearing.

Like many other children his age, he had just started school, but he was having a difficult time understanding his teacher.

“This young child was full of life and had a love for sports and superheroes,” said Tony Cyr, an account activation representative with Phonak US. “I knew we had to help this young boy and his family.”

Cyr and Dom Spadaro, a Business Manager at American Hearing Audiology Associates, decided to help Riley by fitting him with a pair of free Phonak hearing aids, but knew that that Riley’s favorite Caped Crusader should be there for the fitting.

So in superhero speed, the team ordered a pair of petrol-colored Phonak Bolero V behind-the-ear hearing aids and decorated them with the Batman logo. They adorned the office with superhero balloons and posters, and on the big day, Cyr dressed as Batman and  waited in the front of the practice until the fitting was complete.

“I was extremely nervous to meet Riley and told myself, ‘don’t cry,’” he said. “I didn’t want Riley to think less of The Dark Knight.”

When Riley finished his fitting, he came out of the front room to find his favorite superhero standing in front of him.

“As cool and calm as can be, with a big smile on his face, he simply said, ‘What’s up Batman!?’”

The super duo exchanged hellos, laughs, some tears, and before leaving Riley insisted on giving every single person in the room a hug.

Riley is currently loving his super-hearing and is doing great.

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