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Morgan Snook is a writer from the Pennsylvania Wilds region. She enjoys being outdoors with her husband and two beautiful daughters.
Her youngest daughter has mild-to-moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, probably genetic. She wears Phonak Sky hearing aids, which she got at three months old.

“Why is your child wearing hearing aids?”

My daughter Raina had hearing aids for less than an hour when we first got the question: “What’s on her ears?”

It was asked by an elderly couple walking by our table at a busy highway rest stop. I noticed the man was himself wearing hearing aids. It’s interesting how the same technology that is self-explanatory on an adult suddenly puzzles people when used on a baby. People want to know why my child is wearing hearing aids.

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These mothers share the most rewarding parts of raising children with hearing loss

Mothering a child with hearing loss has broadened my perspective. As a hearing person, I used to take certain things for granted. Now I understand that not everyone experiences the world the way I do. My hard-of-hearing daughter reminds me to have empathy in this diverse world.

 A HearingLikeMe tradition for Mother’s Day is to ask moms to consider the question, “What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mother to a child with hearing loss?” Here’s what they said:

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Mom finds hearing loss support for her son on Instagram

Having a child with a hearing loss sometimes can feel isolating but mom Macey Kibbey has found kindred community through Instagram

The hearing loss journey for Macey’s son Oliver began when his left ear failed the newborn hearing screen. A repeat test when he was one day old showed opposite results. Oliver was then referred to a specialist and diagnosed with a mild bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at three months old. 

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