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The Astrology of 8 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Celebrities

astrology of deaf celebrities
Astrology is an ancient system that tracks the movement of the planets and stars to provide insight into a person’s gifts and challenges. It’s based on the time, place, and location of birth. By exploring some of the prominent planets in famous deaf and hard of hearing people’s charts, it may be possible to learn more about the astrological patterns that shape being deaf or hard of hearing.
As someone with over 25 years experience as a professional astrologer, I’ve looked at some of the astrological charts of some of the most famous deaf celebrities, including Roberto Wirth, Marlee Matlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Soshannah Stern, Nyle DiMarco, Millie Bobby Brown, Millicent Simmonds, and Derrick Coleman.

Astrology of deaf celebrities

The astrology of deaf celebrities is fascinating. There are many external cultural factors, including race, sex, class, and privilege that have shaped the four celebrities profiled here. But all of them share the experience of navigating the hearing world while deaf or hard of hearing.

Roberto Wirth

May 25, 1950

Roberto Wirth is a well known hotelier who is active in supporting the deaf in his home of Rome, Italy. He was born when the sun was moving through the air sign of communication: Gemini. Gemini is a sign known for a driving sense of curiosity and hunger for information. Social and active, Gemini sun signs need to feel as if they are always learning something new. Roberto’s astrological chart is also notable for a square aspect between the communication planet Mercury (ruled by the sign of Gemini) and Pluto, the planet of intensity, transformation, depth and power. A connection between Mercury and Pluto often shows up in the astrological charts of those born with hearing loss.

“A connection between Mercury and Pluto often shows up in the astrological charts of those born with hearing loss.”

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin responds to claims deaf people retarded

August 24, 1965

Marlee has her sun in earthy Virgo, highlighting her dedication to service, hard work, and personal sense of integrity. But with both her Moon and Mercury in the Diva fire sign Leo, Matlin is well known for her dramatic skill and creativity. Marlee has a square between communication planet Mercury and the dreamy, watery planet Neptune. This cosmic combo indicates that she has a powerful intuition. She also has an ability to receive and transmit information in a way that is poetic and magical. This can leave her feeling a bit underwater at times, as if what she wants to express is not quite taking form.

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Whoopi Goldberg

November 13, 1955

Whoopi Goldberg has had a long and successful career as an actress and comedian. She also has a hearing loss. She has spoken openly in the media about wearing hearing aids. Her talent and stamina as an entertainer are reflected in her astrological chart. It showcases an intense grouping of planets in the sign of sex, death and power: Scorpio. Whoopi knows how to go deep and use her emotions to transform and heal. Her quirky humor and keen wit is shown in her birth chart by Mercury (planet of communication) and square Uranus (planet of rebels and outsiders, also technology, hence the hearing aids).

Shoshannah Stern

July 3, 1980

Shoshannah Stern brings an exquisite power and vulnerability to her acting that is captivating and memorable. Her watery chart features four planets in water signs, including sun in Cancer, moon in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer. This grouping allows her to take on a role like a chameleon. She immerses herself fully in the thoughts, emotions and mannerisms of the character she is playing. Cancerian people are family people. They only really open up about their private lives when they are around those they know and trust. Like Roberto Wirth, Stern also has a Mercury square Pluto aspect. This indicates the experience of struggle but also incredible depth and resilience in regards to her process of communication.

Nyle DiMarco

nyle dimarco tonight show sign language

May 8, 1989

Nyle’s magnetism and easy charm are explained astrologically by his Sun in sensual earth sign Taurus opposed by power planet Pluto. He also has communication planet Mercury in Gemini conjunct (right up next to) the planet of good luck and expansion: Jupiter. Di Marco has the confidence of knowing he can communicate in many ways, most notably through ASL and dance. The Gemini influence means he’s good at talking with his hands (ASL!) and has an easy skill and dexterity, though he can also be prone to tell “tall tales” and may not see much wrong with a few white lies thrown in here and there. Taurus needs security and a stable place to land, so DiMarco is likely to save and invest his entertainment earnings in something long lasting.

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Millie Bobby Brown

millie bobby brown hearing loss

February 19, 2004

This outside the box Aquarius loves to do things differently. Air signs thrive on community. With her Sun, Mercury and Neptune all in Aquarius, Millie is about as communal as they come. She has a desire to help the human tribe as a whole, rather than just the people she knows personally. Millie has a visionary, strongly imaginative mind with her Mercury right up next to the spirit planet: Neptune. She may almost act as a channel to the other worlds-attuning herself to messages from spirit that she can bring down to earth. She will always be quirky and outside the box, with a foot in both this world and the other world behind the veil of 3D reality. It is no coincidence that her breakout role came in a series called “Stranger Things” as she knows strange things so well.

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Millicent Simmonds

astrology of deaf celebrities

March 1, 2003

Millicent is a sensitive water sign Pisces with an ability to lose herself in her acting roles. She can literally “become” the part, taking on the personality of whatever person she is playing. She has her communication planet Mercury in the sign of Aquarius right up next to its ruling planet: Uranus, giving her a unique perspective and a powerfully futuristic mind. Millicent has an innate ability to understand technology and social media and knows how to communicate at lightning speed. She may understand things before anyone else even has a sense of what is happening as she picks up information like a lightning rod, sensing the vibrations and downloading information at rapid speeds.

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Derrick Coleman

astrology of deaf celebrities

October 18, 1990

Derrick Coleman is a relationship focused Libra, with his Mercury and Venus (planet of love and relationships) also in this lovely air sign. Derrick lives to relate and wants others to like him and feel understood. A square aspect from Saturn, the planet of patience and lessons to his charming Libra planets may slow down his connections and frustrate him at times, but he has probably learned through patience and persistence to not give up when it comes to reaching out and relating. Derrick is constantly striving for a sense of balance and harmony in his life and relationships play a big part in these efforts.

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Heather Vuchinich is a writer, astrologer and herbalist with more than 25 years experience in holistic healing. She has been certified as a Master Astrologer by Steven Forrest and has a MA from the Hutchins School at Sonoma State University with a focus on Environmental Psychology.
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Heather Vuchinich is a writer, astrologer and herbalist with more than 25 years experience in holistic healing. She has been certified as a Master Astrologer by Steven Forrest and has a MA from the Hutchins School at Sonoma State University with a focus on Environmental Psychology. She is currently attending the renowned California School of Herbal Studies to become a certified herbal practitioner. She has a bi-lateral severe to profound hearing loss from birth and has been wearing hearing aids since she was 11.