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Are you a teenager with hearing loss? Join the Phonak Teen Advisory Board

teenager with hearing loss

Are you a teenager with a passion for hearing loss advocacy and hearing technology? The new Phonak Teen Advisory Board program is perfect for you.

As the future of hearing technology changes, experts in the hearing aid industry are looking to connect with more people that are our future; teenagers! Phonak is launching their first ever Teen Advisory Board program for you to connect with other teens with hearing loss, develop your leadership skills and give your opinion on hearing solutions for others. They are looking for eight teens from the US and Canada to become members of the Phonak Teens Advisory Board for one year.

Why should you apply?

This program will be right for you if you are interested in receiving training about various topics revolving around hearing loss, if you want to grow as a hearing loss advocate, and have your voice heard by an industry leading hearing aid company! 

Get your hands the latest hearing technology

teenager with hearing loss

You will also receive the latest technology in hearing aids and Roger accessories. 

Have your voice be heard

teenager with hearing loss

Phonak is constantly trying to improve its products to best fit the needs of the people using their hearing technology. They want to know what teenagers are looking for in their hearing technology now and in the future. Give your input for future products and evaluate the newest launched products.

Gain new leadership skills

teenager with hearing loss

There will be coaching and training sessions throughout the year to help you gain new leadership skills that will also translate into the self-advocacy skills you will need for the future and adulthood. 

Connect with others in the deaf and hard of hearing community

teenager with hearing loss

Hearing loss can be isolating at times. Even though about 20 percent of Americans have hearing loss, it can still be tough to find others like you where you live. Connect and grow your networks by connecting with other teens in the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

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Have the opportunity to travel

teenager with hearing loss

Travel is also involved! You will be able to attend the kick-off meeting in Phonak US, outside of Chicago, IL, the first year. If you prolong your term to another year, you will have the opportunity to visit Phonak Headquarters in Switzerland.

How do you apply?

teenager with hearing loss

Go to this website to apply. The application deadline is July 27th, 2018.

Fill out the form with your legal guardian and upload a video explaining why you want to be chosen as our advisor. Feel free to get creative!

Share in your own social networks for public voting. The voting will take place August 1-10th. Ultimately, candidates will be chosen by Phonak (taking voting into consideration) on August 13th.

Please note that you must fulfill these requirements:

  • Live in the US or Canada
  • Commit to a one-year term, with a possibility to extend it to 2 years
  • 15-18 years old
  • Fluent in English
  • Have bi-monthly meetings with Phonak representatives and other advisory board members to discuss and give your opinion on various topics
  • Contribute regularly to Phonak blogs and social media team
  • Become active spokespeople in your school and community, representing Phonak technology and the needs and empowerment of children with hearing loss.

What are you waiting for, get more details and start applying now!

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The HearingLikeMe editorial team includes Jill von Bueren, Kirsten Brackett and Lisa Goldstein.
The HearingLikeMe editorial team includes Jill von Bueren, Kirsten Brackett and Lisa Goldstein.