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Nyle DiMarco, other deaf actors to star in sports drama ‘Flash Before the Bang’

Flash before the bang

The latest in the roster of films about the deaf community is “Flash Before the Bang.” The all-deaf sports drama builds on a true story about deaf people, made by deaf filmmakers.

The Story of Local Champions

The log line mentioned on the all-deaf sports drama’s official website keeps it simple. “An all-deaf high school track & field team, led by a Deaf coach at the troubled Oregon School for the Deaf, overcomes adversity and discrimination to seize a seemingly impossible and unprecedented victory at the 1986 Oregon State Track & Field Championship.”

It is defined as a “live-action narrative feature film” by producer Delbert Whetter of the Exodus Film Group. Set in the ’80s, the film is inspired by the actual victory that transpired all those years ago. As luck would have it, the winning team had a deaf champion who’d grow up to become an American Film Institute graduate. Jevon Whetter was born into a family that nurtured three generations of deafness. As a little boy, he listened to tales of silent films. Years later, as an educator-filmmaker, he now tells his own story.

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“Flash Before the Bang” has won impressive accolades while still in the making. It was awarded the 2019 SFFILM Rainin Grant. It was selected by Film Independent for 2018 Producing La. The screenplay also made it to the 2019 WGA Disability Scene Showcase.

“Flash Before the Bang” has won impressive accolades while still in the making.”

An All-Deaf Team

The Whetter brothers are well known not only in the Los Angeles film scene but also within the deaf community. Delbert is the producer of “Flash Before the Bang.” His brother Jevon, a Gallaudet alumnus, is the writer and director whose life story is told in the film.

Although the casting is not complete, there are three famous deaf actors confirmed to play the lead roles in the movie. Coach Farrier will be played by Troy Kotsur, the veteran of “CODA” fame. The assistant coach will be played by actor and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco. And Deanne Bray will play Mrs Warner.

Besides these on-screen stars, news has it that the crew will comprise various deaf creatives who will be working off-screen to make the film happen.

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