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Tackling My Tinnitus

Talking about Tinnitus: Coping, learning and finding relief

Is Notched Sound Therapy a Cure for Tinnitus?

Can meditation help soothe tinnitus?

Five Ways to Distract Yourself from Tinnitus

Study: Exercise may contribute to lower tinnitus severity

Study: Risky listening habits causing tinnitus in teens

An alarming number of young people are experiencing tinnitus from being exposed to loud music.

Study: Gene to ‘turn off’ Tinnitus found

The Lady’s Harp: Turning Tinnitus Into Art

In a remarkable demonstration of turning lemons into lemonade, creative artist Daniel Fishkin decided to turn his experience with severe tinnitus into art.

How my Hearing Aids Helped my Tinnitus

My hearing aids helped my tinnitus by increasing sound from the real world, allowing my brain to no longer needed to generate sound from within.

Peter Silberman: I returned to music quietly after painful tinnitus, hearing loss

The Antlers’ Peter Silberman suffered from a “tremendous,” “all-consuming” tinnitus and hearing loss in his left ear before slowly returning to music again.

Martin Kemp, long time musician and actor, says tinnitus drives him crazy

UK actor, musician and television presenter Martin Kemp blames years of touring with his band for his tinnitus and hearing loss.

Is tinnitus hereditary?

Tinnitus Week: Sharing information, resources and relief

For the first time ever, the biggest tinnitus organizations have come together to promote awareness of tinnitus, for Tinnitus Week 2018.

Tinnitus: It’s in your head

Research highlights possible cause for tiredness and concentration issues related to chronic tinnitus.

5 things that can make tinnitus worse


Do you think you hear sound when none is present? Does it sound like there’s a constant buzzing, hissing, whistling, swooshing or clicking noise in your ears? If so, you […]

Baby Boomers Will Be Sporting More Hearing Devices

What is Hearing Loss?

The five most common kinds of hearing loss, their typical symptoms and overall prognosis.

Your hearing health care team

Meet the professionals that make up your hearing health care team.