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My Hearing Loss Journey: From realisation, diagnosis and beyond

The Childcare Challenge

When your child has hearing loss, the daunting task of selecting good care gets even more complicated.

From A Hearing Aid To A Cochlear Implant

Les aides auditives rechargeables économisent 500 piles et simplifient la vie

Community Spotlight: Mom signs special song to daughter on wedding day

Are hearing loss and dementia linked?

World Hearing Day 2018: How we can prevent hearing loss in the future

What it was like growing up with hearing loss before digital hearing technology

Will Google Duplex help the deaf and hard of hearing community?

5 tips for booking and attending a medical appointment with hearing loss

5 tips for attending a doctor appointment with hearing loss

Hearing loss and learning disabilities in adults

Why are we in denial of our hearing loss?

The saying “ignorance is bliss” wasn’t said by someone with hearing loss as nothing could be further from the truth. Hearing loss denial is a real thing.

How to take care of hearing aids in the winter

We are fitted with hearing aids, and then find ourselves out on the street, metaphorically speaking. What about looking after hearing aids in the winter?

My review of Phonak Roger technology

Do you feel like you need more power to hear than just using hearing aids? A remote microphone may help you. This is my review of Phonak Roger Technology.

Introducing Shoshannah Stern, the Deaf Doctor on Grey’s Anatomy

This past Thursday was a big night for primetime TV for deaf talent. Deaf actress Shoshannah Stern was introduced in a multi-episode arc on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Lauren Riley, […]

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