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Are deaf people “retarded?”: Marlee Matlin and stigmas on hearing loss

Like anyone with a hearing loss, I’ve had to bust through preconceptions and prejudices all my life.
The word, “retard” is one that has come up a few times.

Marlee Matlin to star in Disney’s ‘Life and Deaf’

A new comedy show called “Life and Deaf,” will explore the life of a kid with deaf parents in the ’70s and star the award-winning actress and deaf activist Marlee Matlin.

Children of a Lesser God, Children of a Different Choice

10 Hearing Loss Stories that Defined 2015

Maybe more than any year before, 2015 was a breakthrough year for people with hearing loss.

Broadway show with deaf actors is ‘enlightening in its diversity’

Starbucks sign language and deaf Oscars

#DeafTalent: Q&A with Deaf filmmaker, Jules Dameron

An Interview with Deaf film maker and director, Jules Dameron, who led the #DeafTalent movement.

5 Hearing Loss Issues that Defined 2016

Breaking stigmas, innovative technologies, new research and new perceptions have made 2016 a defining year for deaf culture.

Nyle Marco: ‘What Foxx did on Fallon made our struggle that much harder’

The incident occurred during “The Tonight Show,” when Jamie Foxx used pretend sign language with host Jimmy Fallon.

New to hearing loss? 3 ways to be an advocate for your hearing loss journey

New movie ‘Wonderstruck’ shines spotlight on deaf culture

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown joins list of celebrities opening up about hearing loss

TV series ‘This Close’ starring two deaf actors premieres February 14

‘The Silent Child’ short film nominated for an Oscar

‘The Silent Child’ wins Oscar for Live Action Short Film

‘The Silent Child’ wins an Oscar for Live Action Short Film. The groundbreaking short film written is based on the stories of many deaf children around the world without access to proper language or education.

Is Oscar winner ‘The Shape of Water’ spreading deaf awareness?

Is the Oscar winner, ‘The Shape of Water’ spreading or hindering deaf awareness?

Yanny or Laurel? Why we hear different words in this viral audio clip

Deaf community speaks out against new film ‘The Silence’

‘Deaf Out Loud’: Bringing deaf and hearing worlds together

When bullying isn’t just a teenage problem