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7-year-old girl receives apology from thief who stole her Phonak Roger Touchscreen

Seven-year-old Alicia Lyding received unexpected news after her Phonak Roger Touchscreen was stolen during a school burglary in Castro Valley, California.

Alicia was very upset after her Phonak Roger Touchscreen was stolen because the technology helps her hear her teachers and classmates.

The Castro Valley community and Phonak community worked together to support Alicia and find a way to replace the hearing technology she lost.

The President of Phonak sent Alicia a new Phonak Roger Select and Leo the Lion, so she could continue to go to school with the confidence that she can hear in class.

“Without a Phonak, I couldn’t hear…this is the BEST DAY EVER!” Alicia told ABC13 news.

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Alicia also took Leo the Lion with her throughout the rest of her adventure. Together they met many people including Sgt. Ray Kelly, who works at the local sheriff’s office, and Dion Lim, a reporter for ABC7 news.

Catching the suspect

After several days passed, the authorities found the 19-year-old who stole Alicia’s Phonak Roger Touchscreen. When he learned how this technology helps Alicia, he apologized to her explaining that he didn’t realize what the technology was.

“He [the thief] said he was very sorry,” Sgt. Kelly said to Alicia according to ABC13. “He said he took it because he thought it was a radio. He said he would have never stolen it if he knew it belonged to you. He admitted to his mistakes and maybe this is a turning point in his life and you made the difference!”

Alicia learned from this experience and her family was thankful for the support of their community. Overall, this experience turned out to finish with a happy ending for Alicia!

Learn more about the Phonak Roger Select here!

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