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4 ways to use your Roger Select

Roger Select
Phonak hEARo Robin Gillon shares with HearingLikeMe all his favorite ways to use his Phonak Roger Select in the various situations he finds himself in.

There are a variety of places that the Roger Select can be used. Robin says that he most often uses it in class at university, to watch TV, listen to music and for business meetings with his skiing sponsors. Here are four ways the Roger Select benefits Robin the most.

1) University

The Roger Select can provide great assistance in university classes.

“Some professors at school have soft voices, it’s not their fault obviously,” says Robin. “Now, with my Roger Select, I just hand my device to them at the beginning of my class and they always gladly wear it. I can take notes without looking at the teachers since it’s loud enough for me not to read their lips all the time.”

It can help with focusing in the classroom, especially in larger classrooms where you may be seated further away from the professor.

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2) Business meetings

“It blew my mind, I never had a voice speaking straight into my ears like this before,” Robin describes his experience using the Roger Select in business meetings.

It especially makes it easier to listen to multiple people in the same room. When Robin uses his Roger Select in business meetings he feels as though he can dedicate more energy to processing the conversation rather than using all his energy to read lips.

“It makes me less tired during meetings with my sponsors and I have a much better chance to understand what’s going on the very first time it’s been said,” explains Robin.

The Roger Select can also be used to stream virtual meetings into hearing aids, making it easier to participate in all forms of business meetings.

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3) Restaurants

Restaurants are loud, and it can be hard to hear the company you are with.

In fact, according to Eater, some restaurants in larger cities such as New York have restaurant noise that may reach 80-90 dB. This is not ideal for someone without hearing loss and especially not ideal for someone with a hearing loss.

The Roger Select can cut out background noise and focus on the voice that you want to hear.

“My girlfriend likes it too when we eat at the restaurant,” Robins says. “We can just enjoy a normal conversation.”

4) Streaming music and TV

Last, but not least, the Roger Select works well for streaming media straight to your hearing aids. Whether it is TV or music, the Roger Select uses Bluetooth to easily stream into hearing aids. Robin previously has used his Roger Select to listen to music while skiing.

“As a professional slopestyle skier, listening to music while doing tricks can be super inspiring and motivating,” Robin shares. “It’s always been challenging with my hearing loss but now with my Roger Select, I can simply stream the music from my phone straight into my hearing aids! I’m amped!”

The Roger Select helps Robin out with all aspects of his life and he recommends that others try it out too!

Robin Gillon has 90 percent hearing loss in his left ear and 70 percent loss in his right ear. Growing up with hearing loss brought on challenges for him but he never gave up living his passion! As a true hero, Robin is now a professional skier. To learn more about Robin, you can watch his movie here.

Learn more about the Phonak Roger Select here!

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