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Follow these inspiring deaf Instagrammers

deaf instagrammers

Instagram is a great way to connect with people who have similar interests and lifestyles. Connecting with deaf Instagrammers, especially, is a great way to feel connected to the hearing loss community and learn to advocate our needs.

If you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow HearingLikeMe_ and these inspiring deaf Instagrammers in our community.

Inspiring deaf Instagrammers you should be following


1. Hard of Hearing Mama

Janna is a Canadian-born hard-of-hearing woman living in Southern California. Her Instagram account is focused on sharing her story of raising hard-of-hearing children while also living with hearing loss herself. A recent reel of hers went viral on Instagram, racking up 1.6 million views, and she has been steadily gaining followers since. The pandemic has been incredibly hard on D/deaf/HOH people and she appealed to the community by creating a reel expressing her emotions before entering a store.

2. KTNLifts

Katie is a 21-year-old hard-of-hearing powerlifter committed to sharing her story. She has sensorineural, bilateral severe-to-profound hearing loss. Katie aims to raise awareness among hearing people about how they can be more accommodating towards the deaf and hard of hearing. She focuses on the importance of captioning videos and finds ways to help hearing people understand the daily life of a deaf person living in a hearing world. Katie is currently a studying business UMass Amherst and eventually wants to start her own company that creates a product or service to help the deaf and hard of hearing.


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3. Naomi.not.Niomi

Naomi is a dance teacher and deaf activist from the UK. Her content focuses on raising awareness about the importance of accessibility and she strives to produce content that hearing people will be able to understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain hearing loss and the challenges that deaf and hard of hearing people face in terms hearing people will understand, but Naomi does it perfectly. She re-shares a lot of her Tweets on her Instagram page that are incredibly eye opening about a deaf person’s daily experiences.


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4. Beth_Leipholtz

Beth herself is hearing, but her son, Cooper, is deaf. Coop has Waardenburg Syndrome which causes him to have hearing loss. He got cochlear implants in 2020 and is doing great! Beth’s content focuses around Cooper’s daily life and raising awareness for children with hearing loss and/or Waardenburg Syndrome. Beth’s TikTok account has a huge following of 200k+!


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5. MyBattleCall

Valli is an author and military mom who shares her experiences raising children with cochlear implants. She is a marathon runner and committed to hearing loss advocacy. Her page focuses on her family and raising awareness for people with hearing loss. She also has a book called Now Hear This: Harper Soars with her Magic Ears.


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6. Mama.Hu.Hears

Michelle is a hard of hearing mother and pediatric audiologist. She grew up wearing bilateral hearing aids and now has bilateral cochlear implants. Her content is geared more towards scientific means because of her background as an audiologist. Along with sharing personal stories of her own life, she also includes stories about her kids and their experiences with a mom with hearing loss!

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7. Jess.hSquared

Jess is a deaf blogger who wears cochlear implants. She has a series on her Instagram account called “Wine Night with Jess” where she talks about her experiences growing up with hearing loss. Jess currently resides in Alabama and is a physical therapist. Her content is focused very much around her daily life and strives to show her followers how she navigates the world.


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8. Elisa.Richards

Elisa is a hard of hearing director and actor. She is a newer member of the deaf community and focuses on sharing her story embracing life with hearing loss. She has been hard of hearing for a long time, but just recently began to identify as so.  She recently got new hearing aids and strives to empower others to embrace their hearing loss too. She also posts sign language covers of songs.


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9. DeafLoud

Isabella is an engineering student who strongly believes in deaf representation. She is also a writer for HearingLikeMe, and plays an integral role in advocating herself to the community.
Isabella has a service dog named Ali whom she posts regularly about, and now has an Instagram account dedicated to her called @doggovert.


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10. Britfitsta

Brittany is a hard-of-hearing fitness enthusiast from Texas. She loves lifting weights and sharing her story about living with hearing loss. She more recently started to dive deeper into hearing loss awareness and focuses on the importance of accessibility. She is a recent college grad with a degree in criminal justice.


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11. UnordinaryRunner

Joey is an amateur distance runner from New Jersey. He has severe to profound hearing loss that went unnoticed for most of his life. His page showcases his progress as a runner and his experience with getting hearing aids. Joey strives to empower people to accomplish anything they put their mind to!


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I am a hard of hearing powerlifter who is passionate about advocacy for the deaf and hard of hearing. I am in my third year of college studying business and I hope to one day start my own company for the deaf and hard of hearing!